Thursday, January 23, 2014

Little Sampler

In the midst of some store re-arranging a week or so ago, I took a little quilt top off the wall and decided that it was high time that it was finished.  Last Friday, I layered and basted.

Yes, I still baste with needle and thread.  I don't like safety pins, REALLY don't like the chemical smell of sprays and don't mind the basting process. Years ago I was the lucky recipient of boxes (and boxes) of cone thread from a local garment factory.  I gave it to the students in my classes, two quilt guilds, and I still have lot of it left.  Call me old fashioned. 

I've used this little pattern twice to teach beginner classes.  My first sample had 6 blocks and hand quilting.  This one has brighter colors and 9 blocks.  I wanted this sample quilted NOW, so headed to the machine (see, I'm not so old fashioned after all).

Quilting on Tuesday morning, binding on Wednesday morning.  Today I'll add a hanging sleeve.  To get around the problem of binding thread catching on the quilting foot, I make small stitches on the top and large stitches on the bottom - an uneven basting stitch.  I hardly ever get stuck anymore.

I found a cute print for the backing. 

We had a tiny bit of snow here in Eastern North Carolina early Wednesday morning.  Guess I'd better post a token snow picture, too. View from the front window of the store. It's not as pretty today, after half of it has melted.

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