Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Little Projects

I'm working on the binding of the second birds quilt - it will soon be ready for viewing.  I've also been distracted by an assortment of little projects.

I'm going to meet the 2-month-old grandson of some friends next Saturday and wouldn't want to arrive empty handed, so I made a whimsy ball.  There's a commercial pattern by another name, but this is a public domain type thing. They've been around for years.  When I first learned how, the lady who taught me drew the pattern pieces out on cardboard.  Anyway, here's my gift for little Tristan:

Here's a little fabric box that I made with instructions from the blog Seaside Stitches.  Fun, I've made several, and I'm going to show some of my friends how to make them, too.  I also have an idea for a denim version.

I've been learning some things about jewelry making with wire.  These are a few of my practice pieces, in a variety of gauges.

After more practice, I made these links with beads and I think I've got the start of a bracelet!

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Brenda said...

cute ball. I made one for a baby friend and I found it was lots of work stuffing the segments, but it is fun toy when its finished.