Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Butterfly Frappe

I am very pleased with how the little wreath turned out.  Approx. 19" square.
Here's a close-up of the final embellishments.  Yes, there are a few pieces of zipper mixed in!
Here's a reminder of where this challenge started - a fat quarter of this lovely Kona Bay Fabrics butterfly print.  I chopped it to pieces, hence the name "Butterfly Frappe".


P. said...

Whee!! I love it! Your embellishments send it fluttering over the top. Is there a pattern for this (sorry, I can't remember if you've talked about that before)?

NickiJ said...

This lil quilt is really impressive, it's so unique! Is it your own design or did you follow it by a pattern? Keep up the inspiring beauties!

Lori R said...

Nicki, I started with a commercial pattern called Twisted Wreath by Rose Pohlar, then shrunk it and added my own embellishments and border. Look way back to March 7 post for picture of the pattern.