Thursday, June 25, 2020

Quilters Trek 2020

Quilters Trek is what used to be called "Row By Row".  This year the theme is TRUE BLUE.  I designed a bird block with four blue birds of happiness, sporting red rick-rack legs.

Block kit and pattern $14.95

I also have lots and lots of Quilters Trek paraphernalia to tempt my customers.

Timeless Treasures 18 FQ bundle $55.00

5" Cotton Fields charm square $5

2 1/2" Cotton Fields tokens $1

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Challenge Progression

Each member of my art quilt group had an identical fat quarter to play with.  We were free to do whatever we wanted with it.

I started by big stitching parallel lines that lined up with the print, to add detail and also to stabilize the base of the piece.  I also wanted to add curves to play against the straight lines.

I used felted wool and wool felt for the "moon" shaped piece.  Some brown ribbon was added to emphasize some horizontal lines.  I kept moving those small circles around!

The piece is coming together.  Yarn was couched around the edges of the curves.  Cross stitches cover the seams in the "moon".  I'm experimenting with some polymer clay buttons I made on an earlier occasion.  They're just the right color!  Notice I've folded the bottom under, making the piece more square than rectangular.

Here's the finished piece.  Small, only about 14" x 16".  Funny that the big felt circles didn't make it into the final composition.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Another One!

OMG I found another half finished spiral!!!

The dangers of teaching quilting are apparent.  I start things for the shop, I start things for myself, I start things to demo.  This is probably one of the latter.  It's small and so far along that I can probably add the finishing touches fairly quickly. 

Sometimes it's fun to find an old project.  I've learned new techniques, have a different view of things, etc.  I'm sure my kids will love to sort it all out some day.

And here's another BIG reward. Last weekend I attended the quilt show presented by the Crystal Coast Quilters Guild in Morehead City, NC.  There were two spiral wall hangings on display, made by people who had come to the store for a spiral lesson.

by Bonnie Sturtevant

 by Carol Sten

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Long Time Finish

I had to look back to 2017 to find the post where I first showed this little idea.  I talked about no matter how much fabric you own, it is always fun to play with somebody else's scraps.

Here is my inspiration - seen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.  Did I make a note of the artist's name?  NO.  Could I find it on their website scrolling through hundreds of works of art?  NO.  

This is the basket of "somebody else's scraps" that I began with.

I cut strips more or less straight, of a variety of widths.

I made strip sets.

I cut squares and played around.

Somewhere along the line I added borders, layered, basted and began to big stitch quilt with orange and red pearl cotton.  Then it was forgotten …..

It was unearthed the other day, along with the little spiral that I finished up last week.  Here it is, ta da!!!!

It's another little one, just 15" x 19 1/2".  But it is so much fun to play with different ideas and different colors!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Lost and Found

It's kind of scary how many unfinished projects I have.  Last weekend I ran across a small spiral, just started, stored away with extra strips and matching finishing fabric.  I sat right down and finished it off.  This week I machine quilted it and yesterday I added the facing.  It's only 15" square but it is FINISHED. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Lines and Curves

This is where things stood in mid-January.  I had some family business that took me away for a while.  I'm back now!

Quilted and bound, this little quilt was all lines.  It needed some CURVES!  And so I added a curvy line of buttons.   Serendipity - in my large collection of buttons, I just happened to have some from a garment factory in two colors and three sizes that complimented my little quilt. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New Year - New Post

I just received my copy if The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood and made this small quilt as my first stab at trying some of the methods described.

This is approximately 24" square.  I cropped the photo so you can't see the ragged edges.  I will layer and begin machine quilting today.  It was fun, and a challenge to make with NO RULERS.

Many apologies for being absent so long.  Busy year, not all of it good.  But here is another recently completed quilt top, 44" x 44".  I saw a quilt on the internet that I liked and drew it up on EQ8.  I don't know the original pattern name or quilter but I am calling mine "Serpentine".

That's enough for now.  Wanted to check in and let everybody know I'm still alive.  Most of my posting goes on the shop blog, so you can always travel over to